ONE Secret To Success in the Cleaning Business?

I wish there was one secret – really, I do.

Life would be so much easier.

I could simply whisper it in your ear and poof like magic you’d be landing great accounts, filling jobs with motivated people – and monitoring it all of it from your laptop computer!

But I can’t – because there isn’t one, all powerful secret.

But hang on for just a second, you don’t be discouraged – if fact, you should be glad!

Let me explain.

You see, if there were, one, all powerful secret to this business, you might be able to build a wildly successful company at first.

But, here’s the rub – you wouldn’t be able to keep it – at least not for long!

Let me tell you a story.

Years ago, Tony and I

attended a cleaning industry convention. At lunch, a fellow cleaning business owner asked us how much business we did a year.

We told him.

But it’s what he asked next that I won’t ever forget.

He leaned closer to us with a small index card and pen, at the ready, and asked ‘So, how did you do that’?

I think we replied, “Do what?”

To which he said, “Get that big, how do you do that?”

Don’t get me wrong – we liked this guy.

He was interested, open and ready to learn.

And we tried to tell him a few of the most important things he might want to look at doing when he got back home from the convention..

But, I remember thinking, ‘Boy, it’s easy to take for granted how many things you learned over the years – the hurdles you’ve gotten over – until someone comes right out and asks you an honest but huge question like that!’

There certainly wasn’t one thing, one secret, we could pass along to him. In fact, there wasn’t enough room on both sides of the index card to get him everything he wanted.

But, he had the right idea!

Be open.

Learn from someone who has already done what you want to do.

I hope the things we told him that day helped him reach his goals. But, here’s the thing…

It’s good it takes learning a number of different ideas and skills to grow a successful cleaning company.

As the saying goes, ‘If it were easy – anybody could do it – and everybody would do it!’

Fortunately, all the things you need to have a fast growing and profitable cleaning company are things you can do if you first learn them and then ‘set your mind to implementing them!

But, again, there’s not just – one or two.

If there were, everybody and his brother would be able to do what you’re doing!

So, I say, ‘It’s a very good thing, that there isn’t simply one secret to this business.’

Yep, that way, once you take the time to find, and put together, the necessary ‘parts of the puzzle’, you’ll insulated – that’s right, competitors won’t be able to easily rush in and take it away.

And that is a very good thing.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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Hi Anyiti, Love it! Thanks, and wishing you much success, Dan, CleanGuru

Anyiti Nanyama

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