PAIN in Marketing Cleaning Business

Prospects are people first!

It’s something to keep reminding yourself of.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking prospects are logical, practical business men and women who – after hearing your pitch will pretty easily be convinced to hire you.

If it was only that easy.

You and I both know better than that.

Yep, if people, including prospects, were logical – selling would be a breeze.

But it isn’t, is it?



Because – prospects are people first.

And because they’re people first, they’re going to need to feel a certain amount of pain if you’re planning on getting them to take action!

What pain?

Well, since we’re talking about selling more cleaning accounts here – the pain of their current cleaning situation.

That’s right! We need to describe the frustrations, hassles and pain that’s often felt by business owners who have a less than professional service cleaning their building.

Very often, just knowing their cleaning could be better isn’t enough to inspire action.

Prospects need to clearly feel the pain and clearly associate it to their current cleaning situation – only then, will they be ready to take action to elimate it.

And guess whose job it is to get them to see and feel that pain, that’s right, YOURS!


Well, by consistently, clearly, and if necessary at times – dramatically describing the painful problems that result from having the wrong cleaning company.

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

Let’s say you have a testimonial from one of your clients describing how before hiring you, they always had trouble, had to worry – because they could never get a hold of the cleaning company, even at times when needed extra work done because VIPs were coming.

Your client may describe how frustrating it was BEFORE YOU, to not be able to get ready for a VIP visit, how upsetting it was BEFORE YOU to not be able to reach anyone or even how embarrassing it was BEFORE YOU when the VIP’s arrived to see a mess.

What if your prospects heard or read that emotional, and painful, story?

Do you think they might relate to it, may have experienced something similar themselves?

Yep, you bet.

When you dramatically and consistently remind them of these pains in your marketing along with your plan to eliminate them, you’ll be on your way to getting them motivated to take action.

And that ACTION might very well be – hiring you!

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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