Passenger or Driver?

Yep, you guessed it – it’s that ‘talk’

You know, the one where I point out how easy it is to feel like you’re simply a ‘PASSENGER’, along for the ‘ride’ in the ‘car’ called – your cleaning business.

Next, like everyone that’s every used this ‘car’ analogy, I’ll point out how important it is to switch over to being the DRIVER if you or I ever hope to change/improve the future of our businesses.

My guess is – you’ve heard it all before.

So, why put you ‘through it’ all over again?

Well, of course, there’s only one reason that could possibly make it worth it.

That it’s TRUE.

But, it’s not easy.

In fact, it can be hard to hear – because it points out how easy it is for any of us to start simply ‘going through the motions’ of running our business – instead, of….

taking the wheel, as the ‘driver’ and steering toward the future we’d like to see for ourselves, our families and our employees.

But, again – it’s difficult. So, how’s this:

What if each of us simply committed to taking MORE time, MORE often to DRIVE – to pull back from day to day operations and make a few more decisions in line with getting us to where we REALLY want take our businesses – sooner, rather than later, or never?

And, we’ll leave it up to you and me how long and how often that additional ‘driving’ time will be.

My guess is, for both of us – the more, the better.

You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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