Picture Something!

Would you do me a favor?

Here it is….

Picture something.

That’s right, I know it may sound lame, but stop for just a second and try to picture exactly what you’d like your cleaning business to be like.

Take a moment to really think about it…

If you could make a wish… and see it magically come true – how big would your cleaning business be, how many buildings would you cleaning and what would you average day be like?



Now, was any of this in your picture?

#1. Having a whole lot of customers.

#2. Having those customers like your company, and trust your cleaners.

#3. Having a team of cleaners, who not only know what to do, but really want to do a good job for the customers.

#4. Having some FUN each day and enjoying the work you do;

#5. Having time to actually “kick back” and relax when you’re not at work!

And I mean really r e l a x ! – not having to constantly worry half-to-death about whether or not you’re going to make it!

Wait, there’s one more… and, YES, I’ll say it,

#6. Getting paid an amount that does a LOT MORE than just covers your bills!

That’s right, your cleaning business is suppose to cover all your expenses, plus give you enough profit for financial security NOW, relaxing vacations NOW, and then someday, a wonderful retirement!

Now, was that in your picture too? I hope so; because that’s the kind of fun and profitable cleaning business you deserve to have!

Is any other kind really worth having?

But, to have that kind of cleaning business, the fast-growing, profitable and fun-to-run kind, we need to start by asking some questions – the right questions.

And the first one is this:

Who do you want to clean…and why?

That’s right!; deciding who you want to clean is one of the big secrets to getting a cleaning company like the one you pictured – the one you dreamed of!

So, let’s get right to it:

What kind of accounts would give you the BEST chance to create a business life like the one you pictured? Put differently, what kind of jobs would give you the best shot at getting a fast-growing, profitable and fun-to-run cleaning business?

What kind of cleaning accounts would:

-give you steady income – rather than a ton of work one month and none the next?

-be easy to staff – so you don’t have to struggle with constant turnover?

-be easy to manage – so you don’t get bogged down with employee problems?

-plus, give you a shot at extra, specialty work year round – so you can pick up additional profits now and then?

Hint; Compare these different types of jobs: Construction Cleaning? Retail Floor Strip-Wax Jobs? Apartment Cleaning? Nightly Office Cleaning? Bar & Restaurant Cleaning?

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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Hi Timothy, ​Thanks for your email and question. ​ ​It's a good, and yes, challenging one - of how to find, hire and keep dependable, qualified people in a company that does work - not only in one city or within an hour, but rather for multiple cities in multi-states. ​ While my business partner Tony and I did most of our work within one hour of our city, we did have some work in outlying areas; and we struggled too. ​ ​You may have already heard these ideas already, but I'll share a couple of the strategies that helped Tony and I to staff cities outside of our immediate area. ​ ​ We had to get active, creative and often spend more on help wanted ads to get potential employees interested in working for/'with' us. ​ ​I say 'with' too, because we made a point of personally interviewing each candidate who did respond so we could sort out who we weren't interested in - and attracting/connecting with the ones we were interested in. ​ ​Plus, we tried to share our 'story/values' with them, and our philosophy, such as, in 'taking care of clients' and working hard, but also respecting and enjoying working with each other/our team. ​ ​Finally, we certainly also had to adjust our pay rates to reflect the difficulty of the work, travel, hours ... and hope of keeping them once they were hired/trained and part of our team. ​ As you know, the only thing that can often hurt more than not finding someone is, actually finding and training them, only to see them leave for another job opportunity. ​ ​Hope that helps some, wishing you all good things, ​ ​Dan ​CleanGuru LLC

Timothy Hamilton

I have a janitorial company that provides vct care, strip, scrub, refinishing, sealing, buff and polishing, along with numerous other types of floor care, located in Orlando Fl. Covering multiple states it's difficult finding employees experienced or not which leads to limited clients. Any help?


Great to hear Maurisa, we'll call today to set up a convenient time and day to demo all features you're interested in. Matt, CleanGuru LLC 888-531-4878

Maurisa Alexis-Louis

I want to learn how to use Clean Guru to its full