PLAN for ‘Where They’ll BE’ NOT ‘Where They ARE’

More than ever, this advice applies.

With the speed of change today – not planning for where things are headed – is business suicide.

What works well today (and may have worked well for years) may be of no interest to anyone – soon.

It might be nice if it wasn’t true, but it is. So, best to accept it and learn not only to deal with it, but benefit from it.

Interestingly, I read somewhere that when it comes to sports like trap and skeet shooting, the shooter is anticipating the clay pigeons path and speed!

In the cleaning business today, we need to anticipate where our customers are going to be in the future – and, what they’re going to want when they get there.

And, the ‘future’ doesn’t take as long to get to as it used to, does it?

No, the sobering truth is

what absolutely delighted commercial janitorial and residential cleaning business clients a year ago, may now be expected as – standard; being replaced by a whole new set of expectations needing to be met – to get their interest.

And, it’s not just technology we’re talking about (although that’s a BIG part of it).

It’s people issues too – like changes in everything from:

1/ building closer/stronger connections/relationships between cleaning personnel and the building owner or manager, to

2/ improvements in how comfortable, personal and effective we can make how we deliver customer service

We need to be looking and listening to discover where things are headed AND then….

envisioning HOW we can find ways to delight that future client with all of their future expectations.

Better yet, can we find a way to exceed their expectations in a way they hadn’t even imagined.

I know, it may sound – abstract, but it’s interesting as well as important to start thinking about NOW rather than later.

If we do, we may be able to ‘hit the target’ of delighting cleaning clients where they’re headed – not just where they ARE now.

You can do this, you really can!


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