Popular Without Purpose or Plan

Everything about getting older isn’t great, but here’s one thing that is:

You can see things for what they REALLY are and what they REALLY aren’t – faster and more clearly.

Case in point:

People’s desire today to be noticed, heard and ‘famous’ seems greater than ever.

There’s a pressure felt by nervous business owners to jump into Social Media NOW – or risk being ‘left behind’.

It’s as if a life not captured in a ‘selfie’ or in a ‘tweet’ either 1) didn’t happen or 2) couldn’t be very important.

And, while some of the communication can be healthy and informative, much of it seems to range from the silly to the ‘stupid’.

It frankly doesn’t really matter much to me – as long as we’re talking – mere ‘distraction or entertainment’.

But – move from entertainment – to – business, and I get interested.

Here’s why…

I hear and see many social media ‘celebrities’ expending enormous amounts of energy to grab people’s attention.

But, once the desperately sought attention is gotten – they often seem to have no purpose or plan.

Things ‘fall flat’ – thud.

Again, fine I suppose, if the end game of your social media efforts is – simply ENTERTAINMENT.

But, if you have a business – you almost by definition want to do more than entertain.

You likely want to – attract, educate and secure more qualified clients. Worthy goals.

For one thing, it allows you to hire people – which helps others while you build your business.

So, here’s the thing….

Think about your social media activities:

Do they educate as well as entertain? (offer valuable CONTENT)

Are you building trust as you build your audience? (prove you are QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED)

Can they ask you questions – and expect to get answer back? (ask for INPUT and respond promptly)

Do you have a plan – a path they can take to learn more about you, do business with you? (a free REPORT, a no risk PROPOSAL)

Social media work can be valuable…

if you know your PURPOSE in doing it – and have developed an effective PLAN to achieve that purpose.

How’s this for starters>>convert prospects into clients

Remember… You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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