Power of One Simple Rule in Your Cleaning Business

It doesn’t take a bunch of rules to make a big difference.

Don’t believe me?

How about a practical example – not related to cleaning.

Let’s say someone, ok, let’s say ME, wants to lose weight.

What if I determined one thing I was going to do was – commit to was not eating after 7PM.

That’s right, after dinner – nothing, no chips, no candy – nothing, nada.

Do you think, for many people, OK, for ME, that one rule would make a difference??

Heck. Yes.

If I cut out any extra snacking after dinner – period. Oh, yea, it would make a difference.

Would you agree? I think many would.

Well, here’s the big payoff….

Same thing goes for getting results in different parts of your cleaning company.

Want more leads?

How about a rule to contact 5 or 10 new prospects a day. Pick the number that makes sense for you.

And, it doesn’t matter if the ‘contacting’ means a handwritten note, personal visit or phone call – 5 or 10 a day, ,every day. yep…

that could make a difference!

This same simple, but powerful strategy can be applied to any area of your cleaning business.

The level of your customer service. What could be the simple but powerful rule?

The relationship with your staff. What could be the simple but powerful rule?

The cleanliness and orderliness of your office? What could be the simple but powerful rule?

The quality level of the cleaning you deliver to your clients. What could be the simple but powerful rule?

The possibilities are endless. And, the kinds of simply rules you can create to address them are too.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,



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