Powerful, Specific, Genuine Compliments

I continue to be amazed.

Seems whenever I offer even the smallest of compliments to someone, as long as it’s very specific and completely genuine…

people are often overwhelmingly appreciative, some seem ‘blown away’.

At first, I wondered why so may people had this reaction.

Now, think I know why.

In general, we (me included) don’t take the time to really appreciate others.

And, I don’t mean generalities, like ‘you’re great’ and ‘way to go!’

Don’t get me wrong…those encouragements are fine.

But, they’re missing ONE key ingredient.


General observations and compliments are nice.

Specific observations and complements are INCREDIBLY powerful and INCREDIBLY appreciated.

They mean SO much more to the person.

They show someone took a moment to – REALLY look closely and REALLY appreciate something.

Wouldn’t you agree? I know, I certainly feel that way.

And, here’s the funny thing…

All it takes is us (me included) slowing down enough – to really observe what someone is doing and how they are doing it.

And, to realize what they do and how they do it.

Give it a try.

From family to friends. From managers to employees.
For anyone, anytime.

Take a moment to offer your sincere, specific praise for someone.

I think you’ll find, like me, people really do appreciate it AND it makes you feel good too.

May seem like a small ‘thing’. But, it’s not.

Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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