Preventing vs Fixing Employee Mistakes

It’s tempting –

To simply ‘take to task’ and correct an employee when you notice they’ve made a mistake.

It’s easier –

To place the blame on the person at the end of the line vs. us at the beginning of the line.

It’s less embarrassing –

To think some else further down the line didn’t get it right, than to think we messed up before the work started.

But, it wouldn’t be right, or better –

The truth is

, in the long run. – a lot fewer mistakes would happen if we, as cleaning business owners, looked at ever job we need done and – analyzed, organized, trained and directed it – so, some mistakes couldn’t happen.

Sure, there are going to be some problems, no matter what do, but if we slowed down to see what tools, directions and procedures our people needed – there would be less – a lot less.

That’s our job.

To think creatively, and then to take actions to reorganize work in such a way as to – eliminate even the possibility of some costly mistakes ever happening – and, others, at least happening less often.

It’s an important job. And, in our janitorial and residential cleaning businesses – it’s ours.

And, that’s how we can create a better work place for both us as business owners as well as our employees.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!



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Hi Santiago, I'm sorry you're having to face the uncomfortable situation you described with one of your customers. While it's hard to know for sure, it does make one wonder if the customer wants to save money, but wants you to 1/decide which cleaning chemicals you need and 2/for you to pick up those supplies. I'm not sure if they are 'saying' they are willing to pay for the products and reimburse you for your time. Background; in our janitorial business, we provided all cleaning chemicals and included the cost into our monthly price. Two main reasons why were 1/ we could use/provide a standard list of MSDS documents at each place we cleaned and2/ we could deliver the same standard training regarding cleaning chemicals to each cleaner. If the rare case the client wanted to provide them, they typically bought and placed them in the janitor closet. I don't know why the client wants you to pick them up (again, they may not know which cleaning supplies you need, and while wanting to provide them - is also wanting you to 'pick them out' and 'pick them up'. Sometimes these problems are, as you can imagine, just a misunderstanding. You may want to consider reaching out/call your client with a desire to sort out any confusion about the supply issue. Hope that helps, and hope things are able to be quickly and amicably resolved. Hope that helps, Dan

Santiago Rosas

What if a customer complaints about the cost of supplies and you suggested that they are welcome to buy their own supplies. They then tell you that you will need to pick up the supplies? I am a bit confuse in what they are thinking or want for you to do? Your thoughts. Thanks. Santiago Rosas