Pros vs Amateurs

In watching sports, you can learn a lot by identifying the differences between professional athletes and amateur ‘weekend warriors’.

Pros focus on accuracy. Pros know practice doesn’t make perfect, but rather – perfect practice.

Pros go slow, at first – so they can break down their performance and identify exactly WHAT needs to be added, improved or eliminated.

Pros are serious students of what they do. Pros study their own performance as well as others, to learn what to do and what not to do – from the very best.

Pros are UN-shakable. Pros are committed to their sport and the ‘behind the scenes’, thankless study and practice required to compete at the highest level.

Pros are are able to overcome temporary feelings of discomfort, boredom and distraction by their permanent commitment to specific, important goals.

Pros think long term. Pros are willing to do the hard, time consuming, foundational work that others won’t.

Pros are willing to take the time necessary to build the basic, proven foundational skills required to achieve a solid, repeatable swing, stroke or shot – that will hold up regardless of time or conditions.

Professionalism isn’t restricted to sports and athletes. It, of course, it applies to cleaning businesses too.

Something as small as ‘reading and thinking’ about the list above and – figuring out what it can teach us about growing a successful cleaning business – can be an important first step to becoming a real professional.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!



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