Questions and Answers in Selling Cleaning

Sure, you can probably agree that BOTH are important, but, what you many not realize, is – when it comes to selling cleaning services –  IT’S FOR THE SAME REASON.

And, what is that reason? It’s this:

They BOTH show you are focused on finding out 1/ what they want and then 2/ what/how to deliver it to them – consistently.

It would be easy to think ANSWERS are the BIG deal; making it clear you have the solution to make them happy.

But equally important are QUESTIONS which is what I’d like to spend some time on today.

Rather than questions being a sign of confusion or not being knowledgeable – it’s actually one of THE most powerful signs and opportunities to show…

You know enough to know you don’t know everything about them and their building; you know?

Seriously though, it takes a strong person to step back and ask what may seem like basic questions.

Actually, they can be incredibly important questions like:

Are there any issues which have repeatedly lead to problems with past cleaning businesses – that you’d like to discuss with me before we move forward?’


‘What are you looking for in a cleaning service provider you haven’t seen yet – or that you’d like to know how we handle?’


‘Is there anything, maybe even a little extra or special, we could do (if we were to clean your building) that would really help/delight you or your staff’?

Strong questions send a strong message.

You can do this, you really can!


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