Run Your Cleaning Business Like you Were Selling it

Ever noticed someone in your neighborhood getting ready to put their house up for sale?

You know the drill.

They start frantically plowing through off a list of ‘things to fix, patch, putty or paint.

In fact, you may never remember seeing them work on their place this hard during ALL the time they lived there!

But, NOW, you’ll see them replacing badly worn carpeting, trimming bushes, fixing leaky sinks, repairing loose stair steps, as well as painting walls and doors.

Anything and everything to get their house in ‘ready to show’ condition so prospective buyers see it in the best ‘light’ possible.

In fact, the old joke is about over-hearing one of these motivated homeowners announce ‘Heck, if we knew it could look this good, we would’ve stayed!

Funny, sure, but there’s a lot of truth in it.

Getting your house ready for sale NOW is your best chance at getting ‘top dollar’ for it on closing day.

Well, as you might have guessed by now, I’m going to suggest

this same kind of thinking is true for your janitorial business or residential cleaning company too.

That’s right, if you run your cleaning company like you were getting ready to sell it – you not only improve your chances of getting ‘top dollar’ when you sell it – BUT also of getting the most out of it now while you still own it!

Whenever you make decisions about your cleaning business – focus on what a prospective buyer would be looking for in a cleaning business they’d be interested in buying.

Generally, of course, it’s one that’s professional, profitable and efficient business – and, if you keep that in mind, you’ll find yourself making better decisions and ones that create VALUE.

You may decide to put in place any number of systems, practices, and checklists etc. designed to as Tony and I would say…“Force order onto chaos”

In expense control, you may want to put an automated timekeeping system.

In marketing, you may want to prepare a series of marketing messages to be delivered on a pre-set schedule and to be delivered in a variety of ways.

You can, and should, look at each part of your company and see what you can do to have it look more and more like what it is – a business.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to fix up your company until you’re getting ready to sell it – only to find yourself saying, “Heck, if I knew my cleaning business could be this nice, I would’ve kept it!”

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Thanks Willem, wishing you all the best, Dan

Willem Flach

Hi Dan! This is such great advice. It’s closely aligned to CANI (Constant and Never-ending Improvement ). It’s amazing what can happen when you make a habit of constant 1% improvements.