Should You Call Or Send?

Should you call your prospect – or send them something?

It’s an important question.

And the answer is… well, both.

But in our strategy, we do each for very different reasons.


Yes, we suggest calling, but primarily to identify the name of the person who is the decision maker; the one who hires the cleaning contractor.

In general, we don’t SELL on initial phone calls, we IDENTIFY.

We find the target.


Well, personal calling sounds great, at first. And when it occasionally works, it’s exciting. But our experience tells us, that it’s generally

too time consuming, expensive and ineffective.

Some of the problems include:

It’s often hard, if not impossible, to catch people in. Most, if not nearly all the time, your call is screened, or put through to voice mail.

What else?

Well, many business people are so busy, or stressed out, you can sense it right away; they may feel suspicious, or put-off by your sales pitch.

Remember, while people do like to buy, they don’t like to be sold! So, we don’t want to hound after them; we want to attract them to us!

Also, the painful rejection of cold calling makes it hard, if not impossible, to stick to a strict discipline of scheduled calls.

Now, to be fair, we do make a few exceptions to this no-telemarketing rule:

when during the initial survey call, we call it a “SMART” call, the person comes right out, says they’re interested, and asks for a bid – right on the spot,

or when the call is simply one step, in a long series of scheduled steps, in a marketing sequence. But these exceptions, are mostly that, exceptions.

So what about SEND?

Yes, we strongly do suggest sending regular mailings i.e.sales letters, brochures, mailers, reports, etc. to your prospects as a great strategy to GROW!

We recommend regular scheduled mailings – not a one time. Not a mailing only because things are slow.

Nope, we suggest regular mailings.

The magnetic marketing POWER comes from marketing messages going out on a scheduled basis.

That’s what keeps our prospects thinking about us – giving them a series of powerful sales letters and marketing pieces that attracts the to us and to calls them to take action.

NOW, that’s a strategy to grow every month; not just this month!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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