Should You Go UnderCover?

You know the show – the one where the ‘boss’/owner disguises himself and pretends to be one of the workers.

It’s interesting.

They always struggle. They don’t ‘catch on’ as quickly as they’d hoped. It’s embarrassing.

They get exhausted, make mistakes and quickly fall behind.

It can be entertaining and understandably a bit satisfying to see ‘the man’, the ‘big cheese’ – humbled.

Call in human nature – we seem to delight in seeing our leaders, our bosses – humanized.

It’s not what I find the most interesting.

But, here’s what is…

It’s – how much can be learned by getting out of office and getting ‘into the field’.

We can all be guilty of it. It’s an easy thing to miss.

We may even think it’s not happening to us; that we’re always out in the field, seeing the buildings, visiting with the cleaning staff, supervisors and building contacts/owners.

But, that’s not actually the same as carving out some time, even a day, now and then to actually work right along side one of the cleaners, managers, inspectors or salespeople.

And not just to say, ‘How’s it going’, but instead – the whole shift – just with them, doing what they’re doing.

It’s hard – to find time to do THAT on top of everything else that needs to be done.

No question about it.

But, IF IF IF what we could learn in that time could completely change the way we clean or inspect or order supplies or sell or manage….

well, then it might just be the best time we ever spent (INVESTED)

It’s interesting. Hard to do – yet full of possibilities.

And, we all know – because it’s so hard, few if any, will take the time and put in the effort – to do it.

Which is probably why it’s such a great, but nearly untapped opportunity.

Interesting, isn’t it?

You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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