Show and Sell – How to Overcome the Price Objection in Cleaning

To overcome the PRICE objection in the cleaning business – you need a plan.

You need to show and tell (sell) how your cleaning plan makes UNDERSTANDABLE financial sense!

And, how do you do that?

Well, by carefully walking them through the procedures you deliver as part of your systematic approach to cleaning and – how THOSE procedures and systems give results at a price that makes financial sense…

NOT because it’s the lowest number – but because it delivers – the GREATEST VALUE.

$$ So for example, if you have a plan for keeping TURNOVER down, you can clearly point out the TIME cost for the security, admin and training of getting endless new hires from the cleaning company authorized and ‘up to speed’ to work in the building.

$$ Or consider the LOWER quality of cleaning that often accompanies having constantly new people in the building.

$$ Next, let’s say, you have a customer service system that guarantees same day service for most projects.

Well, what kind of real dollar and cents value can it mean to a building manager to know he or she can make one phone call and know everything will be taken care of overnight, in advance of the big surprise customer visit?

$$ Or what dollar and cents value does it have to know that the cleaning YOU, your cleaners, leaders and managers will be on top of the QC?

That’s right, how much TIME would it save your prospective client if they didn’t have to ‘play policeman’ – having to constantly check on the cleaning?!

$$ Or, finally, how much time and money could it save your prospect if you tracked, ordered, arranged delivery and stocked consumable poly/paper supplies?

Plenty, right? Right.

You need to clearly explain how much time and therefore MONEY your cleaning plan can save them!

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