Small Goal Setting Tip for BIG Cleaning Business Success!

Standing in awe – admiring the Great Wall of China, sprawling over 4,000 miles, as far as the eye can see, a man asks:

How in the world did they build that?

And, the answer, of course, is the same way anything of value is built – yep, one brick at a time.

You have goals for your cleaning business.

You may want to double your profits.
You may want yearly sales of $1,000,000
You may want to earn $100,000 a year.

You can – others have done it. So can you!

But, HOW did they do it – right??

Well, it wasn’t a stroke of genius – at least I’ve never seen it done that way in the cleaning business!!

Nope, it was the un-sexy way, the real way – basically by building the business – one brick at a time.

What bricks?

Well, of course, all the ideas, plans, procedures, systems and people needed to build your janitorial business or residential cleaning service.

Those are the vital ‘bricks’ you need for your ‘wall’ to stand FIRMLY on its own.

And the bigger the wall/goal, the more bricks you’ll likely have to be put in place.

But, here’s the thing, it isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers, is it?

Nope. It’s tough.

But it’s easier when you break everything down into smaller daily goals.

That’s right, giving yourself 4 or 5 smaller ‘bricks'” or daily goals to complete each day will often get you farther than ‘trying to throw up a whole wall’ all at once.

So, for example, ‘Get your first sales letter written’.

Too big?

Then, instead, make the goal to just get the first two paragraphs written.

Still too big?

Then, simply decide to prepare the outline for the sales letter..

Break it down as far as you need to.

Let’s look at another example.

Which one of the following lists of daily goals would you actually do?

1. Establish Employee Handbook

2. Train Everyone on Safety


1. Start a list/file of rules and regulations you don’t want to forget to include in the final employee handbook.

2. Search for at least two sources of training materials and begin to compare them.

We enjoy and accomplish more when we work from a list of manageable, clear, daily goals.

Some progress made on small daily goals, beats NO progress on huge, lofty goals!

Just remember the Great Wall Of China.

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