Some Answers Cleaning Business Owners Know

Some questions are better answered by others.

For example, complicated legal or accounting issues.

Some questions are answered pretty quickly and confidently by the owners of cleaning companies.

For example, how to effectively extract a carpet or dust an office.

But, there are other questions, ones cleaning business owners may think they need outside help to answer – yet, may not.

Let’s take a look…

What should I say during my initial walk through of the building?

How quickly should I call back to follow up after delivering a cleaning bid proposal?

Should I call? Should I email? Should I stop by?

For these kinds of questions, it’s always possible, and sometimes valuable, to get advice from an experienced industry professional you trust.

No argument there.

But, here’s the thing… sometimes, you already have an answer, often a good one – inside of you.

It’s an answer that… comes from YOUR own life and business experience.

It’s an answer that… comes from YOUR own personal knowledge of your cleaning business core principles, goals, values and strategies.

It’s an answer that… comes from YOUR unique knowledge of the vendors, employees, prospects and customers involved.

So, let’s take a look at just one of our example questions.

You may feel, rather than simply doing the standard ‘call you back in 2 weeks’ routine after delivering your bid proposal…

You are going to adopt a strategy of, before leaving the meeting where you deliver bid, to, whenever possible – ask for your prospect/contact to set up a specific date and time for you to stop back.

A date that gives them enough time to discuss it, solicit questions and identify objections… so, when you come back out –

This ‘unusual’ answer, this ‘novel’ approach – can come from inside of you; a strategy you ‘feel’ deep down will improve your chances of moving more clients to choose you.

Again, nothing wrong with old, ‘tried and true’ formulas (as long as they are still ‘true’)

But, looking to your own ‘inner voice’ for answers can open up an important resource for winning strategies – grounded in your unique experience and insight.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,



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