Something Every Six Weeks!

How often should you make contact with the companies on your target list?

Answer: We suggest you make some kind of contact with them no less than every six weeks!

Let me quickly explain.

Last time, we left off talking about the importance of positioning your company as the next solution to your prospect’s cleaning problems.

Today, let’s talk about how. And, again, the basic strategy is this:

Make some contact with your prospect about every six weeks.

It can take many forms such as sale letters, marketing mailers,special reports, or a brochures.  But, the point is to get something about your company in front of your prospect about EVERY (6) SIX WEEKS.

Why six weeks?

Well, because

every six weeks comes across as a gentle reminder; not so often to be seen as a nuisance, and not too little for you to be easily forgotten.

Like the “baby bear said about the porridge”, we find about every six weeks is “just right”!

Interestingly, it has been suggested by many marketing experts that very often you need to make ‘marketing contact’ with your prospect a minimum of 7 times, or more, before you get a response.

But don’t feel overwhelmed by this.

You can make your “marketing contact” part of an automated sequential system that ‘remembers’ for you!

We’ll explain all about how this can work for you in the weeks to come.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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