Step Series Letters to Promote Your Cleaning Business

Last time, we saw how three properly timed, related marketing steps can be much more powerful than – three random, unrelated ones.

Today, let’s look at how you could put together your own three-step direct mail marketing sequence for your cleaning business.

And to do that, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever gotten a letter in the mail and quickly pitched it, only to have another one arrive in your mailbox just 7-10 days later…

only THIS time, it was stamped at the top with the cautionary note Second Notice?

Now, to this second notice, you might give slightly more attention, but still end up tossing it in the trash, only to receive yet one more letter; this time stamped clearly with the warning – FINAL NOTICE!

It gets your attention; of course it does – it’s human nature.

In fact, you may have even noticed it’s basically the same ad you got just a week or two ago.

But this time, you give it even more attention than the last.

It’s the repetition and the timing of the message that does the trick – slightly different headline, but within a short period of time that seems to ‘force’ us to give it MORE attention.

Let me tell you a story…

There was this unemployed fellow who applied for work at a company in town – only to be told there were no jobs available.

But rather than simply give up like everyone else – this determined man showed up at the company the very next day and asked to work – a second time.

And, again, the answer was no.

But, he didn’t give up.

In fact, in a couple days, the office staff of the company spotted him outside their office sweeping up the trash and litter in the parking lot.

Not bothering anyone. just broom in hand, cleaning up the parking lot.

This routine continues day after day.. until one morning the owner instructed the HR department to find the man some kind of job because, as he explained, ‘That’s the kind of go-getter we need around here!’

Now, in today’s ‘politically correct’ and lawsuit happy world, that guy would probably be arrested for security reasons (loitering or some other excuse..), and taken away to see if he was a ‘playing with a full deck’?!

Anyway, the point for us today is this:

Like the guy who keeps coming back asking to be hired, a closely timed series of related marketing pieces sent out in a pre-set schedule can dramatically increase the time, attention and response to your marketing.

Now, back to how this works…

Letter #2, which goes to those who haven’t responded could be look nearly the same as Letter#1, but this time it would be marked as Second Notice.

Plus, it could include an explanation of how ‘you wondered or even shocked why’ you hadn’t heard from them because you know that they are exactly the kind of business client who can most benefit from your unique services.

In either case, another 7-10 days later, you send still another letter, Letter #3, to those who have not responded to either Letter #1 or #2.

This final letter could be labeled 3rd and/or Final Notice – and could simply be accompanied by another, but this time even more urgent, plea for your prospect to take action.

Make sense?

Three separate, but related, marketing pieces sent out 7 -10 days apart in a pre-set sequence to capture your prospect’s attention and motivate them to act.

Putting together one or more of these 3 Step Series marketing programs takes some effort, but doesn’t everything that’s worthwhile?

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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Hi Natalie, thanks, so glad to hear you liked the video! Ugh, I'm sorry, I don't have templates of those three series letters; they were written quite a while back and reflected our specific cleaning company. But, I'll email you a complimentary/free PDF copy of a book I wrote that includes lots of marketing, selling and profit tips - and, which also introduces the idea of creating MGP Measurable Guarantees of Performance; which I think are powerful to create and promote in growing your business. Wishing you all the best, Dan

Natalie Okunev

Good info ! I was wondering if you have a template of these three letters. Also if we can use these letters in email marketing? Thank you Natalie Okunev 916 410-3316