Stick With Your Cleaning Business Story

It may not be a holiday classic like ‘The Night Before Christmas’ – but you’re going to want to tell the marketing story about your cleaning company – over and over again!

If you want any story to be remembered – it takes repetition.

So, what should be in your marketing story?

Yours may start with how and when you FIRST realized what building owners and managers WANTED – but weren’t getting, like:

1 – a consistent, detailed service vs. inconsistent and ‘down the middle’

2 – a reliable, professional looking cleaning staff

3 – a NOW

vs. later customer service response


A)) You may have decided on a small handful of cleaning issues you felt you could tackle/solve.

B)) You may have developed a series of changes, procedures, systems, strategies and checklists to fix those issues and keep them fixed.

C)) You may be so confident of your strategy you’re willing to back it up with a powerful MGP or Measurable Guarantee of Performance.

Now – THAT’S a wonderful, specific and guaranteed operational and marketing story worth telling over and over again.

Warning: Be careful NOT to ‘muddy the waters’ telling new or different stories all the time.

If you’ve got the winning story – stick with it.

In every marketing ‘thing’ you do – keep beating the same drum. Different ways, different methods – but the SAME message.

The goal?

When your prospects start thinking of changing their cleaning company – hopefully you’ll be one of the cleaning businesses they call – maybe the ONLY one.

Mission accomplished.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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