‘String’ Theory 101 for Cleaning Businesses

Don’t worry – this isn’t the String Theory physicist use to help explain, well, just about everything in the universe.

No, this is ‘string’ theory for cleaning businesses.

Here it is in a nutshell:

The best and most reliable way for cleaning companies to gain lasting competitive advantage is by…

…continually making improvements; each of which may seem small in itself, but when combined can add up to a BIG difference between themselves and their competition.

Seems simple enough, and it is, in theory – it’s just not necessarily fast or easy.

And, that’s why most janitorial or residential cleaning business owners won’t do it; sounds too much like work.

But, some will. Who?

Well, it takes someone who can see the value in working on many ‘not so’ glamorous changes/improvements to eventually be able to offer – a truly unique service.

It someone who can see the futility of simply waiting, hoping to stumble upon one BIG magical trick to instantly and permanently set you apart from the crowd.

The problem with a one-trick pony (business) is once someone sees and learns the pony’s one trick/difference – he’s in trouble, lost his unique advantage.

In the end, taking the time to create a number of small and not so small, positive differences in doing business with you rather than your competition – is a better bet.

You can do this, you really can!



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