Tell Cleaning Business Prospects, Then Tell Them AGAIN

Prospects can be like kids. Here’s how:

They both just don’t get it – the first time.

You know how kids can be.

Tell them to clean up their room. No response.

Tell them again. Still no response.

After a few more times – along with adding more emphasis – and, they MIGHT begin to move.

Prospects can be like that.

You may use very powerful marketing ‘bait’ -messages, in front of your prospects – but don’t be surprised if they don’t all ‘bite’ – at first.

It’d be nice if they did. But, they don’t.

Why don’t they?

Most people will need to see your message over and over again, before they’re ready to take action.

Some marketers say it can take 5, 6, 7 or more ‘touches’ or messages from you before prospects are ready to take the next step.

Whatever the number – the point is clear:

Having a series of regularly scheduled marketing steps in place to tell your message over and over again is important – necessary.

We talked about the importance of ‘having something to say’; meaning, a compelling message.

Today, we want to remember how important it is to ‘pitch’ that message to your prospects over and over again – and in a scheduled sequence.

A big advantage of lining up a series of pre-scheduled steps is it helps create a pipeline – an ongoing, steady stream of potential new clients.

And, THAT can be MUCH better than a ‘feast or famine’ growth situation.

It takes time to put a whole series of marketing steps in place, but when you do, you’ll have a powerful, nearly automatic marketing machine.

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