The BIGGEST Mistake

For goodness sakes, don’t make the BIG mistake I did.

And, what is it? Ok, well, here it is… drum roll…

To stop marketing!

Now, I’ll admit when you first hear it, it’s easy to think…”That’s no big deal!” or “Don’t worry, I’ll never do that!”

But it’s not necessarily that easy. Let me tell you a quick story…

There was a time, years ago, when for a while things were going pretty well. It seemed like we had enough accounts, and we were finally making pretty good money to boot.

We felt pretty satisfied. We let out a much-needed sigh of relief – Ahhhhhhh…

That’s right – we told ourselves it was OK to slow down, and stop our marketing efforts for a little while. Why not? We were already “busy” and it would give us time to get “caught up” on “loose ends” – we told ourselves.

You guessed it -big mistake!

Suddenly, we lost

3 accounts! And it all happened in just a couple of weeks; As I recall, one – was going to move, another, a BIG account for us- was going to start having a couple of their own employees take care of the cleaning, and I can’t remember what the deal was at the 3rd.

Thud! Ouch!

Losing one of our accounts would have hurt… but all three really stung! So we scrambled!

I remember being so shook up that I immediately went out cold calling, of all things, up and down the major industrial roads, racing to get more business to replace the ones we lost.

It was scary, I hated it and I vowed to never let it happen again.

The good news, it doesn’t have to happen to you … if you make up your mind to never pull the plug and completely stop marketing – ever again.

That’s right, on-going marketing is the KEY!

An ongoing, series of sequential marketing pieces delivering your most powerful service messages consistently to your prospects can insulate you from having to face the fear and desperation that comes with not having a steady flow of new business.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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You're welcome Irina, glad you find my videos valuable. Wishing you all good things, Dan


Thank you, Dan! Your stories are always inspirational and motivational! Thank you for sharing your experience! All the best! Irina B. Mega Clean Services NW, LLC