The Exponential Value of a FEW People in Your Cleaning Business

Let’s get this out of the way right out of the gates….

Everyone is important in your company – everyone.

From the most part time cleaner to your most loyal, valued and experienced manager…

– each and every one of them determines what your company is to the marketplace, to your customers.

That’s the truth.

And, finding, training, developing and retaining the very best team is, in many ways, the very foundation of a successful cleaning company.

But, but, but….that’s not the whole story…

That’s right, in most companies, and cleaning businesses are not an exception…

– there are very often a small handful of key individuals so motivated, so dedicated to achieving the very same hopes and dreams you have for your cleaning company that …

– along with yourself, they represent much of the DRIVE and FOCUS that will be needed to reach your goals.

They think and act like owners.

They work with passion.

They set the pace.

They lead with positive energy.

They welcome taking on additional responsibility.

They handle things as well (or better) than you or I as owners when we’re not there to handle an issue.

They are diamonds.

They are thoroughbreds.

They are worth trying to find. And, when find, like any great employee, they are worth training, encouraging, rewarding and developing in the very best way possible.

With them, dreams become more real.

Without them, well, let’s not go down that difficult road…

Instead, let’s work creatively and hard to find and keep them.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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