The Keys To A Successful Walk Through – Part 1

Ok, let’s walk-through (hehehe..I know, lame right?) some of the important keys to a successful walk- through together!

But, to be honest, this is ‘big elephant’ to eat, so let’s do it, as they say, one bite at a time.

The first key maybe the most important one of all.

And, here it is

– it’s your MIND SET.

That’s right, it’s the attitude you keep before, during and after the walk-through.

I know. I know.

I hate to start with something as weird as ‘mindset’ but we gotta do it – because it affects everything else!

Bottom line: You want keep your mindset calm, open, professional, interested – a problem-solver.

And finally, we want to maintain a mind set of attracting business to us – rather than chasing after it!

So let’s see what this kind of mind set would look like, even before the actual walk through begins.

First, we want to arrive to the building in advance, so we can be sure to walk in to the appointment at the right time – on time.

And what time is that?

You want to walk into the lobby for your appointment – 5 minutes early, not 15 minutes early, and certainly ever not late.


Well, 5 minutes early is interested and professional.

15 minutes early is too needy. And late, of course, is unacceptable!

Next, of course, we want to arrive dressed properly in business attire.

You need to use your judgment here.

Some cleaning contractors would never consider arriving for a walk through in anything less than a business suit and tie.

However, others, including myself, find that a clean business shirt with your logo etc. is just fine- as long as you’re looking professional.

Remember the old saying, “Look Sharp- Be Sharp!”

Ok, what else, well, we want to arrive in a clean car. And why is that? Well, because showing up in a clean car shows your ‘on the ball’!.

That’s right, having a clean car is important, but notice, I didn’t say new car and I didn’t say fancy car. I said clean car.

By the way, don’t think this ‘clean car’ thing can make a difference?

Let me tell you a story…

I was bidding on an large automotive administrative building, and the buyer said he would finish up talking to me as we walked to my car.

Fortunately, I had it clean and organized.

We landed that account. Now, I’m not saying it was the only reason we got the account, but it didn’t hurt.

That’s right, I believe he did this intentionally to ‘size me up’, logically thinking that – the way I take care of my car might give him an pretty good idea of how I would take care of his building.

I know it may sound like a small thing, but even if your prospect never sees your car, it will still keep your own mind set sharp, professional and confident.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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