The Keys To A Successful Walkthrough Part 3

So, you’re prepared, on time and have met the receptionist.

Now what?

Well, of course, when your contact comes to the lobby, be ready to meet him or her with a pleasant smile, warm handshake, and professional and positive attitude.

Those things seem obvious.

But here’s a tip to remember when you’re waiting to greet your contact, that’s maybe not so obvious:

Don’t sit down.

That’s right, don’t sit down – at least not in the lobby!

Let me explain by sharing an embarrassing story that yes, actually happened, to me.

You see, years ago, when we were just getting started, I went out to do a walkthrough. So far, things were going fine.

At least, they were up to the point when the receptionist started by explaining that my contact would be out in just a minute, and then finished by saying those three infamous words

, “Have a seat!”

So, I did.

Big mistake.

Yeah, you see the problem was, when I went over to sit down, the only place available was – a big, soft, thick, modern sofa…

And so, as soon as I began to lower myself into the sofa…I sank down so far and so fast, that the cushions literally “ballooned” up around me…like a car air bag!

I felt like I was was literally sitting on the floor with those soft air-filled pillow cushions enveloping me from all sides.

Oh, yeah, it gets better.

So, as my contact comes through the door and into the lobby to get me…I’m frantically leaning forward and helplessly flailing my arms reaching for anything to help me get up and escape this “quicksand” piece of furniture, they call a lobby sofa.

Nice scene, huh?

And, of course, this whole sofa “fiasco” is happening just as I’m about to meet my contact for our walkthrough. Nice “first impression”?!

Actually, in went fine. If nothing else, you learn to have a sense of humor.

Now, I can’t remember, if I eventually landed that account or not, but, I do remember promising myself to NOT let this happen to me ever again.

That’s right, I haven’t sat down in a lobby waiting for my contact now for over 15 years.

Call me silly or superstitious. Whatever.

At least, I know, when my contact comes through that lobby door — I’m ready!

And if you have any questions, you know where to find me, I’ll be the one… standing in the lobby.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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Hi Ricky, appreciate you sharing the idea of trying to schedule building walk throughs for later in the day; makes sense, I like it! thanks again!

Ricky Whitley

I would recommend doing walkthroughs towards the end of the day. This will give you a better idea in terms of time it will take to clean the facility.