The One-Word Secret To Getting Great Testimonials for YOUR Cleaning Business

So, what is it? What is THE one-word secret to getting great testimonials for your janitorial business?

Ok, here it is – ASK

It’s that simple. Well, it’s simple, but maybe not easy – at least at first.

Remember in the Bible where Jesus says “Ask and it will be given unto you..” Well, those words of wisdom relate very well to many parts of life – including business.

And an example, of where they ring particularly true in business is in the collecting of quality testimonials.

So, here’s the strategy:

When someone leaves us a message or sends in an email complimenting our cleaning staff – we want to remember to ask if they would be willing to let us use it – as a testimonial.

Not once and a while – but regularly. Any chance we get. Whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Well, because it’s a numbers game and we need to make sure we don’t miss our opportunities to request a testimonial when they present themselves.

Makes sense – right? Right.

You may want to ask it this way:

“That’s very nice of you to say, Joan! As you may know we’re trying to grow our business,and your kind comments would make a terrific testimonial.

Would you be willing to let me use them in our marketing?

You may want to explain further:

“You know, your words may be just what a potential client needs to hear to convince them to give us a try!
And, that would mean a lot to us.”

Then wait for

their answer.

Most people are willing to give you permission to use them as a testimonial – if you ask!

They own – or work in a business too.

They can see how hard you work. And they know how valuable a quality testimonial can be!

So, be sure to ask.

Although you might not hear about it in the news, most people are basically good.

They want to help.

They do – but you do need to ASK.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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