The Part of Working SMART That Makes Sense

People often think working SMART is learning insider tricks or shortcuts to do less work –

or better yet, figuring out how to have other people do the work – for you..

In cleaning, I’ve always felt the real opportunity of working SMART lies in deciding:

1) What work to DO

2) Who to do the work WITH

3) Who to do the work FOR

There’s an old expression that says, ‘First – make sure your ladder is up against the right wall.’…meaning, if you’re going to work all day, every day, on something, make sure that something – is the RIGHT thing.

In cleaning, it may mean deciding on WHAT niche of cleaning you want to TARGET.

We found ‘delivering a full of commercial janitorial services, primarily in the early evening’ was a good service target or ‘wall’ for us to put our ladder against.

You may have a feel a different ‘wall’, such as industrial, post construction or residential house cleaning, is the one for you.

Great, just be sure, you’ve given careful thought to what makes a good (profitable) ‘wall’ for your cleaning company to put your ‘ladder up against’.

Long story, short – the same goes for WHO to the work WITH – and FOR.

WITH – means, just what it sound like,…WHO do you want on your team?

These are the people who 1) will be representing you and 2) the ones you will be working side by side with; sometimes many hours a day. Maybe, for many days.

Not a small matter.

Next, is WHO you want to work FOR.

For our janitorial business, owner occupied professional, medical and manufacturing buildings within 1 hr. of our office who required a minimum of three time per week cleaning’ – fit the bill.

For you, the answer may be quite different.

Again, the key is to be sure they represent the kind of clients you enjoy working for, as well a good chance at building a stable, growing and profitable business.

Now, answer those 3 questions thoughtfully and, we stand a good chance of – ‘working SMART’.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!



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Thanks Rickey, wishing you all the best, Dan

Rickey Smith

I agree with you Dan. Some cleaning companies go after everything. There is no way to find out your best fit when you that. Thanks Rickey