The Power of Multiple Offers in Marketing Cleaning Services

Sometimes, even after your best marketing efforts to persuade people to move forward – hire you, they may still simply not be ready to act.

So, do you just throw up your hands, admit defeat and hope to catch ’em next time?

No, not quite yet.

So, if not, what can you do to keep from losing track of these prospects – who were willing to listen to your pitch, review your brochure or read your letter

BUT, but weren’t interested enough to agree to your offer of a FREE cleaning estimate?

Well, you can begin by including MULTIPLE offers to respond to in your marketing.

Here’s why.

Multiple offers provide more than one way for your prospects to ‘raise their hand’ and say ‘I’m interested!’

One offer may have the prospect saying I’m interested and, YES, I want a proposal NOW!

Another offer may have them simply saying, ‘I’m interested, but want to learn more about your company before I ask for a bid proposal.’

What would an offer like that look like?

Well, here’s an example….

“If you’d like to learn more about our cleaning systems simply opt in at our web site; providing us your first name and email address – so we can send you our FREE e-newsletter ‘The Secrets To Consistently Superior Office Cleaning!’,

…plus we’ll send along some first-hand testimonials.

The good news is, at least by offering this alternative response to your prospect, you were able to secure permission to reach out and communicate with them.

And that’s worth a lot!!

As you communicate with these prospects, who weren’t quite ready to let you bid on their cleaning – by offering a response that requires less commitment (i.e.simply giving you permission to send them info such as your FREE report), you may quickly find you get a ‘call back’ from one or more of them as soon as they have another problem with their cleaning – and think about making a change.

You gave them a way to get to know you better – even if they didn’t want proposal right away.

So, make provide multiple offers, multiple ways for your prospect to respond – that match their level of interest

In doing so, you’ll have a chance to build a better, broader prospect list (people at different stages in the buying process).

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