The S.M.A.R.T Call

So what do you do once you have a list of targeted companies; the actual names and addresses of the accounts you want to go after?

You make S.M.A.R.T calls.

What’s that?

Well, “SMART” calls are phone calls that help you learn specific facts about every prospect on your list.

Here’s what a SMART call is all about:

S – Speak calmly & explain why you’re calling.

M – Make updates and changes to basic info like company name, address and phone number.

A – Ask for the NAME of the person in charge of hiring the cleaning company- the decision
maker. And, YES, spelling counts!

R – Remember to

listen for other info they mention like how often they are being cleaned now, who’s doing it, and when.

T – Thanks -“Thanks, that’s all I needed!”

Now, here’s how a SMART call might sound:

***ring, ring, ring

Them: Hello, Acme Manufacturing, How can I direct your call.

You: Oh, yes, thank you, this is John Smith from ABC Cleaning, and I’m trying to send a brochure to the person there at Acme Mfg., who would be in charge of hiring the office-cleaning, janitorial company …who do you think I should send that to?

Them: Oh, I don’t know for sure, but probably Ted Stevens the Plant Manager. But, I know, they already have a service that comes in three nights a week.

You: Oh, no problem, that’s fine, I just want to send a brochure to him he might like to keep in his files. I see you’ve changed your name to Acme Manufacturing?

Them: Yes, it use to be Acme Widgets.

You: Right, and are you still on Opportunity Drive?

Them: Yes.

You: Ok, great, that’s all I needed; Thanks for your help!

NOW, LOOK what you’ve learned:

1. Their NEW company name,

2. That they already have a cleaning contractor – so you know they use contract cleaning, rather than doing it in-house.

3. That the cleaning is done at night.

4. That the cleaning is done 3x/ week.

5. The name of the decision maker!

Bottom line – you’ve learned a lot! Now, you can target your marketing campaign to the right person!!

And that’s it, unless:

-You’re happen to be talking directly to the actual decision maker, in which case, you might say, “Well that’s all I needed; I’ll be sure you get our brochure, unless you’d like a free estimate now.”


You’re speaking to the receptionist And he/she mentions that she knows that they are unhappy with their cleaning, and offers to put you right through to the decision maker.


-Keep your SMART calls slow and easy; you don’t have to worry about hard-selling anybody. If you keep it “no-pressure”, so will the person on the other end of the phone.

-SMART calls are the way to get your target list of prospects ready to mail for maximum results!

-And SMART calls save you tons of time and money by getting your message to the right person the first time!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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