The Secret To Getting Things Done in YOUR Cleaning Business!

It sounds straight forward enough.

Create marketing.
Sell better.
Hire better.
Train more.
Inspect accounts.
Repair equipment.
Stay in budget.
etc etc etc, right?…

So, with a short list of to do’s as overwhelming as THAT – yeah, it’s easy for some things, including important things – to get missed.


Well, we all know, don’t we – the urgent gets in the way of the important!, doesn’t it?

It sure does.

So what can be done about it?

Well, here’s three powerful, but challenging, steps to getting more done in your cleaning business:

1. ‘Carve out’ a period of time

2. Assign a specific purpose to it

and THEN, maybe most important of all –

3. Jealously guard it for THAT purpose ONLY.

Let’s take a look at how this might look.

Let’s say, for example, you decide between
7:00 -8:15 AM, every Tuesday and Friday:

You will check your timesheets or reports to make sure your accounts stay in budget.

If you check them, and they’re in budget – great!

But, if you find any exceptions, you’ll either dig into WHY the hours are ‘out of whack’ ASAP.

BUT, this strategy of ‘carving out time and assigning a specific purpose to it’, only keeps working for you:

……… IF you stubbornly do the last part – which is to jealously guard that time.

Here’s the thing – I won’t be easy.


We all know, don’t we – because life gets in the way.

Actually, to be more accurate, because we let life get in the way.

That’s right, here’s the tough part.

You can count on life ‘stuff’ trying to creep in and get in the way of your best laid plans for your janitorial or maid service business.

And sometimes, you need to let it.

Yeah, sometimes the thing that gets in the way is so important, you do need to drop what you’re doing… switch gears, and take care it.

A fire. An illness. An emergency.

There are situations that qualify as so important, that we need to ‘let go’, throw our schedule out the window and take care of the problem.

But. But. But, here’s the thing, here’s the secret:

What kinds of things do we let take us away
from our important work and how often?

Yeah, for many of us, the answer is nearly anything, for any reason, and – nearly all the time.

So, there’s the real problem, and there’s the real chance – the chance you have to turn things around in your cleaning company.


This is the tough part… by not letting the unimportant get in the way of the important.

That’s right, jealously guarding your time!

You see, everything and everybody will try to take you
away from what you’re doing.

It won’t be easy to ‘stick to your guns’ and permit only a very few, very important things to change your plans.

It won’t be easy -nothing worthwhile ever is.

But the pay off is ENORMOUS.

A day made up of carved out periods of time, each assigned a specific purpose, that you jealously guard can produce INCREDIBLE, yes, INCREDIBLE results.

The only question left to ask then is, of course:

Will we do it?

Let’s try – really hard.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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