The Winner Is The Winder

Want to hear my secret, non-scientific method, to spotting potentially great employees?

Great! It starts with a story.

One day, while waiting in line to get my car washed, I stumbled on to what might be the easiest – yet ‘under the radar’ way to spot a great potential employee for your cleaning business.

Here’s the thing – while I was waiting in line to go through the car wash, I noticed something.

As you already know, before getting their car washed, many people vacuum out their car using the vacs available at the car wash.

I know, I know – big deal, right?

BUT, here’s the thing.

Have you ever noticed how FEW

people actually take the time to put back the hose properly when they’re done.

Some, just left it dropped right on to the ground when they were done.

Many, simply left it all tangled up and threw it back up to hang there….yeah, in a knot.

No pride – none.

And, ask them why – and many would simply complain that that’s the way they found it (laying in knots on the ground).

Why should they be expected to do any better.


And we wonder why our country doesn’t seem as strong and self reliant as it used to be. Don’t get me started!!!

But a handful were very different.

And, that’s when it hit me.

Who would possibly make a great employee?

Answer – maybe the guy or gal who actually takes the time to gather the hose and hang it up properly – that’s right, ready to go for the next person… even though no one is looking!

Isn’t that right?

Aren’t we all are looking for someone who has the character to do the right thing, even when no one else is watching.

No reward – just doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

And that’s someone with pride, and that’s someone who could potentially be a great employee for your janitorial business or maid service.

So how do we find these folks with character?

That’s up to you; personally – I’m keeping my eyes open at the car wash!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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