THEN I’ll Be Happy

It’s an easy trap to fall into. Our grown children, 25, 26 yrs old often do it.

They’ll see either one of their grandparents and sigh…’Oh, man, I can’t wait till I’m retired. That’s the life!’

Uh, I think to myself. You should ask your grandparents and see if they agree. I can save them the time.

The answer is, as in many things in life – yes and no.

Truth be told, me, the kids, their grandparents – any of us, pretty much fall in line with what Abraham Lincoln said, ‘Most folks are about as happy – as they make up their minds to be.’

That sounds about right, doesn’t it.

So, like we always ask – what does that have to do with the cleaning business?

Well, a lot or little depending on us, I suppose.

Could it help us see and ‘accept’ the trials and tribulations we face in our janitorial companies and maid services as opportunities to grow?

Could it help us see employee challenges as the price any business owner must pay to build a winning team?

You get the idea.

If we can say yes to more and more of those kinds of questions about how we ‘see’ the obstacles of growing a cleaning business – then, maybe, just maybe…

We can learn to be happy now AND when we’re retired.

And, hopefully, we won’t find ourselves saying ‘THEN I’ll be happy.’

You can do this, you really can,



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