THIS Can Help Your Cleaning Business

In an effort to say MORE while saying less….  the THIS I’m talking about is..
– an OBJECTIVE look at your operation.

Disappointed?   Well, don’t be. 

While the suggestion may not be the most exciting to HEAR, it CAN produce exciting results.   Things you, as a cleaning business owner, will really notice and value.
Plus, this doesn’t have to be a formal process, especially at first. 
And, you don’t even have to be good at it.
Nope, the very act of  trying to objectively look at your cleaning company will often….

start a natural and surprising flow of  ‘business improving ideas.
Some small, some big – but all capable of changing your business for the better.

Let’s take a look…

Let’s say you sit down to look at your marketing and it finally hits you that your marketing suffers because once you get a few jobs, you’re overwhelmed and have to stop any ongoing marketing –
You may discover if you had a handful of better ‘new job’ start up procedures, you wouldn’t have to slow down or stop marketing.
Or, let’s say you take an objective look at your hiring and discover, you really are skimping on your efforts to attract a useful pool of job candidates – 
You may discover, there are two or three practical things you could do, some costing few more dollars, some just costing  a bit more time and effort – that if put in place, could help not only the number but quality of applicants.
You can do this.  You can take one part of your operation each week or each month – to look more closely, more honestly at what ‘is and isn’t’ happening.
And, then – what you want to do about it.
It can help. 
You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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