Tired of TV Sharks Biting Entrepreneurs

I can’t stand watching ‘the Sharks’.

I know, I know – everyone loves ’em, but not me. Here’s why…

Sure, they can be interesting and funny at times, but that’s not my gripe.

My problem is – the casual, often cocky and in my opinion, at times – disrespectful way they treat the eager entrepreneurs, who can be rather ‘green’, wide eyed and ok, even a bit naive at times.

I understand business is tough – and can run over the timid or unprepared faster than ‘you know what’ through a goose.

I get it.

And, I’m not asking that they don’t dig into the financial details about the business plan being offered up by the entrepreneur on the ‘hot seat’ that night.

That’s fair. There’s real money involved and ‘business is business’. I get all that. Plus, I know, it’s TV, it’s entertainment.

My problem is the disrespect.

And, even though I know much of the antics and fireworks are likely encouraged to make the show more provocative and compelling for the audience at home – it’s simply too much ( too real) for me.

Maybe it’s because I, like many of you, know first hand how personal, something called –  a business can be. 

It sounds impersonal – a business.  But, if you’re running one or have ever run one, you know it’s much more than a word, much more than what other people who’ve never owned one might think..

It’s a reflection of us – our hard work, our people, our plans, at times much or all of our money, our dreams. It’s personal.

I know there’s many times ‘the Sharks’ are supportive.  I know there are many times, they’re actually very sensitive to the entrepreneur who is out there ‘spilling their guts’, discussing their ‘baby’, their business.
So, maybe it’s just me – but, when I hear them quickly ‘cut the entrepreneur down to size’ as they coldly dissect their business and then pretentiously offer them a pittance for their business – AND act as if they should be grateful – well, it’s just too much for me.  

I think I’ll just turn on some re-runs of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ until my blood pressure drops.

You Can Do This – You Really Can,


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Hey Mike, you make a good point; if I’m not careful, I often can find myself being too ‘chit chatty’ in my emails and videos.
When I started my blog, I was determined to offer a specific, useful strategy or tip in every post, but I know, over time, I’ve become more 'relaxed and conversational' at times, and can end up not being as instructive as maybe I should be.
Interestingly, when I first realized this happening, I worried the messages wouldn’t be as valuable to members, but I was surprised and pleased when I started to hear from cleaning business owners telling me they found the more conversational/personal approach relatable, and more importantly - encouraging to them, maybe during a particularly tough work week.
But, thanks for your note; I will continue to try to strike the right balance between hard content - and the more personal ‘visiting’ I can often find myself doing.
Hope you, your family and your team have a very good rest of the year, Dan

Mike Mortensen

Nice to hear your thoughts and review of a TV show but I feel this type of banter chit chat is better suited for the local barber shop and offers no meaning purpose for this forum.