UnTapped Value of Practice

When I was young, I belonged to a forensic team.

You may wonder what the heck ‘forensic’ even is.

You’re not alone. Hardly anyone I’ve run into over the years has even heard of it.

But, basically it’s a group/competition you can belong to/ participate in – in high school or college.

Basically, it’s helps students learn how to organize their thoughts on a topic and give a brief talk on the topic that is well – persuasive, effective.

I certainly got ‘razzed’ by some athletic (jock) friends who thought this ‘forensic’ thing was weird, ok, nerdy.

Oh well, it’s ok, I learned a lot.

And, one of the BIGGEST things I learned is this…

Practice is your ‘friend’

For our ‘forensic’ gang it meant, learning how to research a topic, take a position – and then figure out how to defend it with relevant facts in a short, but hopefully persuasive, speech.

The lesson was not lost on me years later when running a cleaning company.

I was 27 years old, but still practicing – before I went out to meet with clients to answer questions from or explain my cleaning proposal to – sometimes one or more managers at the building we wanted to clean.

It helped. You may find it helpful too.

In your own office, in your own home – you too can practice answering questions and explaining your proposal.

Family at home and managers and staff at work can be great sources of questions you may have to answer about your cleaning business and plan for getting and keeping THEIR building clean.

They can give you an opportunity to think fast on your feet, and how to stay calm, clear and confident in answering the easiest to the most difficult questions building managers and property managers can ask.

Practice can make perfect. And, even if not perfect – a whole lot better than we would have been without it.

You Can Do This – You Really Can,
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