Use A “Cookie Cutter” Approach

Here’s a tip…

Think of setting up and running your company like you were getting ready to make cookies.

Good cookies? Yep. Tasty cookies? Sure, but, one other thing – all of the same kind!

That’s right, same ingredients, same size, same appearance, same decoration – same everything.

Well, to mix up and bake identical cookies, you’d have a detailed plan, maybe something like this:

-You would gather and lay out the ingredients.

-You would mix every batch closely following the recipe -same ingredients, same amounts, same order.

-You might use a cookie cutter so each one was the same size and shape.

-You’d bake each batch the same time at the same temperature.

-You’d let them cool the same – then, finish by decorating and arranging them the same on a tray.

Basically, you’d follow a Cookie-Cutter approach.

It works.

Mistakes can happen; but they don’t happen nearly as often as if you just ‘winged’ it each time without following any specific steps.

How does this apply to cleaning?

Well, as you can imagine – plenty!

There are an enormous number of ‘things’ that can benefit by being handled in a systematic, cookie-cutter approach.

Like what?

Well, that list is long indeed, but here are some ideas:

Starting Up An Account.
For example, do you have a detailed set of procedures for getting an account up and running? Supply list? Equipment List? Building Layout? Hot Spots? etc.

Do you follow a series of advertising, recruiting, interviewing, screening and placement procedures?

Do you have a plan for both classroom and on the job training?

Quality Control.
Do you have a series of quality control measures you stick to “no matter what”, to stay on top of things?

Equipment Maintenance.
Do you have a plan for keeping equipment running safely and properly? And, does everyone know it…and follow it?

The good news is when you use cookie cutter procedures, you and your people don’t have to guess what to do; you’ll already know what, when and how these things should be done.

It’s heavy lifting at first to create these steps at first but it makes life a lot easier from that point on.

You can do this. And you’ll be glad you did.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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