Use Hi Octane Headlines

For your sales letters to generate lots of interest from prospects try using powerful, ‘hi-octane’ headlines.

What are ‘hi-octane’ headlines? Well, let’s first say what they’re not.

Hi-octane headlines are not lies, half truths or outlandish promises meant only to shock the reader. For example, here’s what were NOT talking about:

‘Call WE’RE PERFECT CLEANING CO., where we promise to do every thing perfect every night, guaranteed, or you’ll get triple your money back!’

Simply promising the moon in your headline to get the attention of your prospect doesn’t work – your prospects know better, and so do you.

So what does work?

Well, let’s look at a famous

headline that provides a good example of a Hi-Octane Headline:

Can you remember Domino Pizza’s guarantee from years ago- “Fresh, Hot Pizza… delivered in 30 minutes or less, or it’s FREE!”

This headline, this guarantee, was incredibly successful for Domino’s and shows what does work in headlines for ads, especially for ads in the service industry.

And, what made that headline so powerful? Could it be this…

It made a bold and measurable guarantee of performance. Let’s take a look.

What kind of pizza? Fresh and hot

When? In 30 minutes or less

or, What? It’s FREE

What might a similar approach in the cleaning business look like? Well, how about this:

“Need a cleaning service that can respond quickly to your problem, question or special request?”

We’re ABC Cleaning Company, your local, professional, full-service cleaning contractor, and we’re so confident we can deliver unparalleled customer service to you – we make the following guarantee:

Our Customer Service: Response Time Guarantee
1. You will receive a call back to any service request within 1 hour!
2. You will receive a service response to any request within 24 hrs! *
*exception: floor maintenance projects needing to be pre-scheduled

NOW how different is that! Powerful, huh?

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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