Use Minimums To Protect Your Cleaning Business Bottom Line

All you seem to hear about is the power of – maximums.

Maximum Speed! Maximum Returns! Maximum Protection!

Well, I’m hear to tell you about the power of minimums!

Specifically –

Minimum Frequencies,
Minimum Profit Per Month and
Minimum Number of Hours

Let’s take them – one at a time.

First, minimum frequency – for any job to qualify as being worth going after consider setting a minimum frequency (# of cleaning visits/week).


Well, landing a one-time per week account may be easy, but that may be the only easy part.

That’s right, getting it filled and keeping it filled with a competent cleaner – may be MORE of a challenge!

So, you may find setting a minimum cleaning frequency requirement, say 3 times per week, for any cleaning job you’re going to bid on may actually help your cleaning business to be more stable because you’re able to keep turnover down.

Next up – minimum profit per month.

Sometimes your standard profit percentages don’t generate enough profit dollars.

It’s true, on very small jobs, sometimes even a healthy profit percent doesn’t generate enough real profit dollars per month to make it worthwhile to take on as a client.

Answer? Again – minimums. This time of course for a the least amount of total dollars per month of profit you’re willing to accept.

And, finally – minimum hours/visit.

Again, similar to the logic with minimum frequency – if an account won’t supply enough cleaning hours per night to allow you to attract and keep qualified cleaning staff on a job – it may not be worth it for your cleaning company.

It may be fine for another cleaning business, but, again, you may find you’re better off when you require at least some minimum number of yours per night of cleaning – such as 3 hrs. per night.

Sounds tough, I know – but sometimes saying no to a job because it doesn’t meet certain minimum standards is the best thing you can do for you and the client.

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Thanks Willem, always good to hear from you; and yes, seems buyers are happier when they buy from those who know they have value. Life is good : ) Dan


Great advice Dan and something we have now implemented. Some prospects are shocked when we tell them we do a mimimum of ten hours a week. It’s almost like they think, “But you’re a cleaner, you must be desperate!” No, we are professionals and we aren’t desperate!