Use this SUPER-Power in Your Cleaning Business!

Take your pick:

1. The question isn’t ‘What CAN you do?’ – it’s ‘What WILL you do?’

2. Quit talking, and start doing!

3. And, of course, my personal favorite, from my own dad, “Talk is cheap, whiskey costs money!”

What is the message of all three?

You guessed it – stated simply,the difference between dreams and achievement is…


And, implementation is the SUPER-Power you can use to grow your cleaning business!!

That’s right, how quickly and efficiently we implement our ideas determines to a great degree, how fast we will improve and how soon we’ll begin to see results.

Implement many important ideas quickly and in a short time you’re likely to see things change dramatically.

Plod along at a snail’s pace as far as implementing ideas and, well, you’ll wait be waiting for, what will seem like forever, to see any improvement!

Intensity – the overwhelming sense of urgency that drives you to get things done – is another important force that can quickly separate you from other janitorial businesses.

Intensity, focus and commitment are just a few of the qualities than can drive us to IMPLEMENT. while others simply watch and do nothing.

And this implementing ‘habit’ has another important benefit – that’s right, it can change your day from a slow drudgery to an exciting challenge!!

It’s not fun to be struggling. It’s not fun to be ‘just getting by.’

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be YOU.

You can change your future by changing what you do with your present.

Starting today…. you can commit yourself to taking one good idea at a time, and seeing to it that you get it implemented.

And, don’t worry too much about messing things up and making mistakes when you start implementing your ideas – you will.

It’s normal. And that’s not what matters in the end anyway!

You can always fix mistakes -they’re simply an
inconvenience to people who ‘make things happen’!

As my wife Jennifer would say, ‘If you’re getting things done, you’re gonna break a few dishes along the way!’

She’s smart.

Discover the Guru in YOU!


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