Versus, Verse, V!! The opportunity.

Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or simply want to learn new and better ways to keep your existing janitorial or residential cleaning company profitable, in these videos Dan covers everything from the latest trends in janitorial bidding and inspection software to proven marketing strategies to help you grow.

Mere mortals may fight change, but we small business owners are cut from a different cloth. To us, change is more opportunity- than- problem. In fact, we often run to it; trying to capture the edge, the advantage we can deliver and leverage for our customers.

Check out today’s fast paced video where Dan shares a humorous story about how his kids/younger people are ‘corrupting’ the language. Then, on a more serious note, describes how he and his business partner fought every day for every small victory, every small advantage they could in designing their software to make it clearer, faster and most importantly more effective! Then, he makes the case for doing the same kind of thing in your cleaning business.

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Thanks for watching our video Versus, Verse, V!! The opportunity and be sure to check out our video, Energy vs Apathy …and Quantum Physics! where Dan gives an explanation about quantum physics from scientists – all to make a point. The point has to do with how you approach your life, your work – really anything. Will it be energetically or apathetically – and, what difference it can make.

Plus, we hope you continue to check out Dan’s weekly videos in the future to hear his latest ideas, tips and strategies ‘concerning things you’re concerned about’, such as how to bid cleaning jobs profitably. You’ll quickly discover practical keys about what it really takes to flip a cleaning company from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?


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