Want Compelling Marketing? Change the Internal Reality of Your Cleaning Business.

Janitorial businesses complain their marketing isn’t working – not getting the phone to ring.

Maid Services complain they can’t get noticed with so much competition.

Commercial and Residential cleaning companies complain they can’t think of anything new, different or interesting TO SAY in their marketing.

Why is that?

Well, simply put, they have nothing new, different or interesting TO OFFER.

It’s that simple – but, it’s also that difficult because:

Finding a company willing to think AND act differently is extremely uncommon.

When sales calls, brochures and web sites consist of messages no more exciting than…

‘We’re bonded, licensed and insured – Free estimates!’

It’s easy to for the prospect to feel un-inspired – even downright


So, rather than follow the masses, strike out on your own, by taking the time to find out what your customers want and then get to work thinking or creative ways you can give it to them.

For example…

If they’re tired of seeing what seems like a ‘revolving door’ of endless new faces appearing to clean their building each week

…figure out what practical steps you can create to lower your turnover.

If they want to consolidate down to only a few service contractors

… see how you could get trained or set up to offer everything from carpet, tile and window cleaning to changing light bulbs and managing consumable poly/paper supplies. So, they only need to call you!

NOW – do something like that, and you’re on your way to having ‘something compelling to say – to promote!

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not going to pull any punches.

This process of creating these steps, procedures and systems isn’t easy -not by a long shot.

Most people won’t even try to do it and even fewer will follow it through to the end. (But, as the expression goes… opportunity is often missed because it comes disguised as hard work)

Plus, isn’t something very wrong when a cleaning business’ claim-to-fame is simply – they’re willing to clean for less money than the next guy?

I think so. I bet you think so too.

How sad to have to say, ‘We’re a great cleaning company because we’re really, really cheap.

That is a strategy that will only last until – they find someone willing to do it an even lower price. And, they will.

It doesn’t have to be that way – not for you!

Instead, you can find specific ways to give your customers what they want…and then promote those ‘ways’ in your marketing.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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Hi Amy, glad you found the video helpful. Wishing you much success in your cleaning business. Have a great week, Dan


You are so right! Your messages are always so spot on and timely, I always happen to read them just when it's exactly what I need to hear. Thank you!