WANTED: Photo of Cleaning Business Owner

We’ve all heard it a million times.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Well, because people like to buy from people – people they can picture, people they can relate to.

They just do.

If you think about it, you’ll probably feel the same way.

And that’s what a photo of you can do.

When you put a photo of yourself on your marketing pieces you’ve given your prospects… a face to put with the company.

And, when you put your name below your photo, as a caption, which you should always do, well, then you’ve given them… a name to put with the face.

Mission accomplished.

So, why exactly do prospective buyers respond to seeing a photo of, in this case, the owner of the company?

Well, there are probably a whole list of reasons, but the obvious ones, are well, obvious.

It creates interest and it provides a connection.

It humanizes the process of finding a janitorial business or residential, house cleaning company, which can be cold and impersonal – if all they see is – the cleaning industry’s version of ‘name, rank and serial number’; meaning ‘bonded, licensed and insured’.

But a PHOTO is different.

There’s nowhere to hide – it’s really YOU. (which, again – is a good thing)

Think about how we trust pictures. How we feel they don’t lie.

You’ll hear people saying let’s ‘go to the video’ when they want to prove something one way or the other.

Subconsciously, we believe, if we can just see the salesman’s face, their eyes – something, we’ll be able to know if they’ll be truthful with us.

There’s a strong desire to know who were doing business with -and one way, you can give your customer a very real look at who they’re doing business with, is to paste your photo right there on the marketing piece.

Now, I know, hardly anyone likes pictures of themselves.

We all seemed stunned when we see pictures of ourselves – shocked it somehow doesn’t look nearly as good as the picture we have of ourselves in our own heads.

But, for the sake of your cleaning company – try to let go of your fears and simply pick or take a nice photo of yourself (one that seems professional but also friendly) and put it into at least some of your marketing pieces.

I think you’ll find you get used to it and that your prospects appreciate seeing it.

They’ll start to identify your image with your company.

In the beginning, I hated the photos of me we put into our sales letters – then, just a few years later, I began to wish I still looked as good as those original photos.

Life’s funny.

Discover the Guru in YOU,



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