What Cleaning Businesses Need to Know About FREE

We know people like getting ‘something for nothing’ or – FREE

So, if we all agree on that, why am I devoting an entire blog to this idea.

Because, they just don’t like FREE, they like it a LOT!

That may sound like I’m splitting hairs – but, I don’t think so.

You see, the concept and use of FREE is so big, so important, so powerful – it deserves to be highlighted and discussed on its own.

Let me explain.

First of all, it’s not just a general feeling, or hunch, that people like FREE.

Nope, studies confirm it.

In fact, I recall reading about one study reporting nearly three fourths (75%!) of all consumers felt getting a FREE offer got them interested in trying a new or different product or service… more than anything else.

And, here’s another thing, it’s not just a group here or there that’s motivated by FREE, it’s nearly everyone… across the board.

You see, FREE is the kind of marketing principle we might categorize as practically universal.

That’s right, from ‘Average Joe’ who grabs the buy one – get one free deal at the grocery store to ‘Fat Cat’ Fred who test drives a sports car because he’s promised if he does, he’ll get a FREE set of golf club covers – nearly no one escapes the powerful pull of FREE.

So, what should YOU offer for FREE and why?

Well, it sure isn’t a FREE cleaning estimate – I mean, is there anyone even out there today who would get excited about that offer?

Frankly, is there anyone you even know who’s even paid for a cleaning proposal in the last 10 years??

Anyway, back to the point…

If offering a free estimate is about as tired and worn out as they come… what else is there to offer?


How about a FREE study or report about something very important to your customer.

For example, how about a pitching a series of special reports on topics such as:

Get Your FREE Special Report:
‘Green’ Cleaning – Truth or Fiction? What You Need To Know NOW!


NEW Cleaning Methods and Equipment That Can DRAMATICALLY Improve the Way YOUR Office Looks AND Save You Money!

You get the idea.

or here’s another FREE idea….

Along with Your Customized Cleaning Proposal, You’ll Also Get A Detailed Building Measurement Report You’ll LOVE Having as a Quick Reference – Absolutely FREE!!

You get the idea.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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