What Cleaning Businesses Should Worry About MORE Than Results

Stop worrying so much about results.

Surprised to hear me say that?

Well, don’t be – I mean it.

Excessive worrying about results in your cleaning company is as pointless as they say – ‘trying to wash tomorrow’s dirty dishes today.’

Can’t be done. Useless worrying is well – useless.

So that’s the good news – now, here’s the catch.

While you don’t need to worry about results – you do need to set up specific steps to achieving them.

THOSE things you do have to stick to!

That’s right, you need to be fanatical about sticking to the steps in your plan.

Think of it this way….

Two guys want to get in shape -which one would you bet on?

The dreamer who has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s picture taped to his locker room door or …

The doer who has the same photo taped to his locker room door… right next to his detailed workout schedule that tracks his daily progress.

Dreaming is fun, but if it stops there, if it isn’t tied to specific STEPS to get you there – it’s bound to fail.

Let’s take a look.

– Let’s say, you want to add $3,500 of new recurring business each month.

– Let’s assume you ‘close’ 30% of the jobs you bid on.

– Let’s assume the average job you bid is $1,500/mo.

How many jobs do you need to bid on to meet your goal of $3,500/mo. of new business?

Well, $3,500 divided by .30 = $11,666, and then $11,666 divided by $1,500 is 7.777

7.777, let’s call it 8.

That’s right, theoretically, you would need to bid on about 8 jobs a month or 2 per week to reach the goal.

This is a start – a specific step or task that needs to be get a desired result.

From here, you can create a series of even more steps designed to get you the 8 jobs to bid on -which can get you to the end result.

These steps may be things like:
– build a better target list
– create a set of compelling messages,
– assemble a preset marketing plan -and on and on.

Now – if you want to have something to focus on – or ‘worry’ about (if you feel you must) it’s this:

– the STEPS.

It’s a lot like the old expression – ‘Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.’

Here, we might say, ‘Watch the steps and the results will take care of themselves.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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