What Do Customers in Your Cleaning Business Really Want?

Well, let’s start with this: It’s not perfect cleaning.

What? I mean how can I say such a thing?

Well, because your customers know, as well as you, that the idea of ‘perfect’ anything – is ridiculous.

In fact, they know cleaning companies that promise things like ‘perfect cleaning or ‘no mistakes’ are kidding themselves, or worse yet – trying to fool them!

That’s right, they know better.

Yep, they know after watching an endless parade of cleaning companies, who promised the moon …but quickly fell flat on their face – that “perfect” cleaning is neither perfect, nor possible.

No, instead, they nearly all learn to avoid the empty promises of those guaranteeing perfection – and start looking instead for something else.

So, what’s that?

What do customers really want from their janitorial cleaning service?

Best price?

Sure, they look at it, but no, it’s not just price.

Well then, what is it? It’s this, drum roll….

A real answer to their real problem(s).

And what’s their real problem?

Well, ask a hundred companies and you’ll get a hundred different answers, but you’ll find some
common things they’re looking for.

‘I want a cleaning service that:

1.) knows my building or home and
2.) what I need, and can…
3.) demonstrate a specific plan and
4.) the systems needed to deliver on the plan
5.) at a price I can justify along with a
6.) a proven track record of getting it done.’

As buyers, we’re all the same.

We’re looking for someone who can show they
have real answers to our real problems!

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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Alice Carroll

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