What is Your Cleaning Businesss Foundation?

First of all – I’m not going to be talking about religion today, so relax, but I am going to be sharing something I noticed in church.

That’s right, last weekend, as I sat in my pew, it hit me how incrediblylevel, straight and solid the wall masonry work was.

It was especially impressive when I looked at the brick work around the stained glass windows running along the wall nearly the entire length of the church.

The incredible amount of thought, planning and attention to detail required to properly size, cut, place and secure each new level of bricks was clear from looking at the incredible finished product.
From one end of church to the other – including the work around each window – the masonry work was level, straight and solid.
So, why tell that long story?  What is the possible insight into running a profitable cleaning business?

I’m sure you’ve already guessed, but that’s OK, because it’s the kind of BIG POINT that really can’t be talked about and emphasized enough.

1) Have systems in place to run your cleaning business.  
2) Think those systems through up front, in advance –  because you’ll be building your business using them. 
3) Make sure the systems you decide on – can handle the kind of growth you have planned for your company.
Seems logical, maybe even obvious...but
1) How many cleaning businesses do you know who have created a solid foundation of business practices and systems to use on a daily basis   – compared to – 
2) How many seem to simply make things up as they go along?
I think we all know the answer, and THAT is where the opportunity lies.

If we can slow down, think and put in place solid practices, systems and rules wherever possible – we have a good shot at building a business ‘foundation’ as level, straight and solid as the one I saw in church.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,



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