What Janitorial Software Can and Can’t Do

It’s an interesting topic really.

It forces us to think about the critical role janitorial software can play in growing a professional and profitable cleaning business.

At the same time, it gives us the chance to recognize what it can’t do, was never intended to do – and never will be able to do.

We develop software for commercial janitorial businesses and residential house cleaning services. So, it goes without saying – we believe finding and using the right software can make a HUGE difference in everything from marketing and bidding to managing work and invoicing.

In fact, I would go so far as to say, the impact of the right software in a cleaning business can often be….

THE difference between landing sales – or not, effectively managing work – or not, even staying profitable – or not.

So, yes, it’s a BIG deal. That said, we should look at what it can‘t do – and WHY.

While it can help keep us organized – it can’t get and keep us motivated.

We need to do that – and we can.

While it can keep track of our schedule – it can’t make us attend networking events.

We need to do that – and we can.

While it can help price cleaning jobs and create janitorial proposals, it can’t make the personal connections we can when we deliver and explain those cleaning proposals.

We need to do that – and we can.

We could go on, but, the point is clear – janitorial software can be a critical element in the professionalism and profitability of a cleaning company.

I believe it will play an even BIGGER role in the future.

However, the good news is entrepreneurs still play THE critical role in the ultimate success of their cleaning business. So, we STILL make THE difference.

From the unique advantages we offer clients who choose to do business with us – to the unique people that make up our team – WE still ‘steer the ship’.

It’s a good combination:

An entrepreneur with a powerful dream, strategy and team – along with the most effective janitorial software to support those dreams, strategies and people.

Remember… You Can Do This – You Really Can,

CleanGuru LLC


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