What’s In A Name?

What does the name of your cleaning company say about you?

Think about yours. Say it a few times. Write it down; look at it for a minute.

What does it say to you? Does it send the message you want it to send? Does it say you are credible, experienced, professional janitorial business?

So, what should your company name be?

Well, that’s depends on you, of course, your personality and what message you want to send to your prospects and customers?

Do you want it to be folksy? friendly? Do you want it to be credible? confident?

Many companies change their names over time; we did several times.

We started off with

the name – Jim’s Cleaning; No surprise here, Jim was the name of the previous owner.

Later we changed the name to Toledo Commercial Cleaning Inc.. It worked well for years, until we grew to service geographic areas – well beyond Toledo.

We finally changed our name to Clean Care Inc.

It suited us well – allowing us to market ourselves outside Toledo and giving us the flexibility to market all kinds of cleaning services – beyond commercial.

Name changes can be helpful in positioning your company in the marketplace.

It does involve some expense (legal to check name availability, office expense to change letterhead, invoices etc.) aggravation (legal name change/ tax forms etc.), and confusion (explanation (to your customers).

Think about the clear message, feeling or idea – you want to send into the market – that’s the key.

BUT, in spite of the hassle and expense, if it can significantly move your cleaning business forward and help you GROW, it may time and money well spent!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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