What’s Your Restaurant Restroom?

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Been in a deplorable restroom in a restaurant? Sure you have, so have I. Here’s the thing, what did you think about it? Maybe more importantly, what did you feel about it? How strong was your feeling opinion? And, that’s the point – you likely felt a strong opinion about it – and, it wasn’t a positive one.

Check out today’s fast paced video where Dan shares his own experience visiting a restroom in a restaurant. He walks you through what he saw and the strong negative feelings he felt – and, maybe you would have had too. Then, he suggests something to think carefully about in your cleaning business that has the potential to create an equally negative reaction from building owners, employees and visitors in the places you clean. And there, of course, lies the opportunity.

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Thanks for sharing your story Debbie, I think you handled the situation very professionally and in a way to help, not hurt, the restaurant manager. Wishing you all the best, Dan

Debbie Ashley

I learn from and love your plain speak and informative videos. That exact scenario actually happened in our town and an almost popular buffet style restaurant. Just exactly as you said it's much more shocking to find that in a public eating place where you go to clean your hands, and worry that you're leaving with more germs than you came with. My husband was first shocked and then I think subconsciously a bit surprised by my actions when I came out. I went to the manager and quietly asked her if I could speak with her and ask her to walk towards the back of the restaurant with me so that we could be private which by the way is where the bathrooms were located and just as I got almost to the restrooms I told her I did not think but she could be aware of the situation she was going to walk into. As we stepped into the restroom I explained to her that my only object in distracting her and to delay our dinner was her ultimate business success. Of course she was uncomfortable and possibly embarrassed and "explained" she just hadn't had time to check them yet...12:50 pm (before lunch? They opened at 10:30 am??!! (How could they be in that shape in a little over 2 hours?? I feel obviously they were left that way from the night before...) I listened while she explained how she had been so busy since she came in and suggested that she come in 15 minutes earlier than she normally does to ensure that she can at least look at the restrooms before the first customer of the day does... Owned/operated Broom Zoom Cleaning Services LLC since 2012...we never stop learning. Thank you.